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Apple Dorm 苹果宿舍(西環)
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Apple Dorm 苹果宿舍(西環)

HKD$ 3,000 每月租金
按金: HKD$ 2,000

Apple Dorm is situated in Sai Wan, Connaught Road West facing the Harbour, near Western Harbour Station Crossing, and 10 minutes walking distance to Sheung Wan MTR Station.  

Special promotion:
1) Sign contract for two years or more & pre-paid one year’s rent in advance will receive one i-Pad mini for FREE
2) T 2 T (Tenants referring Tenants) Existing tenants refer new tenant who sign one year contract, one month free rental will be applied on the last month of the staying period. The more referrals you make, the more free room nights you get

We provide budget-oriented, sociable dorm accommodation with homey atmosphere, where tenants feel more like staying in a friend's house. Our rate is competitive and the leasing terms are flexible.
We aim to welcome you, assist you and keep you safe so you can enjoy all the marvels of this area.

苹果宿舍是一所服務式住宅 ,位於西環, 面向海港, 中山紀念公園, 西區海底隧道傍, 環境優美, 步行到上環港鐵站10分鐘 


1) 凡簽租約兩年或以上及同時預繳一年租金,即可免費獲得 iPad mini一部
2) 所有已入住之客人,成功介紹新租客及成功簽約一年或以上,可享有免租期一個月 (入住期最後一個月)


Why Stay at Apple Dorm? - Large communal area - great place to meet   new people - Friendly and knowledgeable staff - Excellent location
苹果宿舍優勝之處 - 可以於共用的休息處認識其他的租客 - 友善和熱心的工作人員 - 優越的地理位置

如有疑問歡迎查詢 電話: (852) 3462 3333 網頁: www.appledorm.com 電郵: info@appledorm.com

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