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Axis & Allies: Europe | Board Game
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Axis & Allies: Europe | Board Game

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Axis & Allies: Europe is a strategic board wargame produced by Hasbro under the Avalon Hill name brand. Designed by Larry Harris, who designed the original Axis & Allies board game, Axis & Allies: Europe focuses game play on the European Theatre of World War II.

Despite its historical setting, the game was designed for a balanced competition between sides, and therefore was not intended to be an accurate historical simulation.

Game Play

The game is designed to be played with 2-4 players, representing the nations of Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, and the Soviet Union, with the latter three nations composing the Allied forces. Both sides compete against each other using units for control of territories, which produce IPCs (Industrial Production Certificates) used to purchase more units.

Victory is achieved in a similar manner for both sides. The Allies (the Soviet, British, and American players) must occupy Germany for one turn, while maintaining possession of their respective home territories for that duration. The German player must occupy the territory of one of the three Allied nations for one turn, while maintaining possession of Germany. In the case that the Allies win and each Allied nation is controlled by a different player, then a winner may be decided between them by determining who had the greatest increase in IPC income from the starting point.

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