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Cosmo Enterprises, Inc.

USD$ 1,000 每星期租金
按金: USD$ 3,500

What we can do for you?

Doing business in Asia is challenging as there are many different regulations, practices and complicating cultural factors which are different from the business environment you are used to in the US. Not knowing these and not knowing how to skillfully negotiate your way around them often means the difference between success and expensive, embarrassing failure.

We provide consulting services, practical business establishment assistance, introductions to the relevant parties / groups / organizations, representation and even operational management if required, reducing your monetary investment, overhead, time-to-market and increasing your shipped product volume and profits.

We start by performing the necessary due diligence through comprehensive market research for your unique offerings, from which you will be able to intelligently decide on the subset of products to launch, at the right time, at price points which are appealing to the local market. This valuable process normally takes just a month.

Note: Often, country price uplifts, margins and volumes are much more attractive than initially thought.

We will then personally present our findings to you and have a frank question and answer session which will provide you with enough information to make the decision on when to enter the market or not.

Whatever the outcome, you will have made an informed, substantiated business decision based on the latest, most relevant data possible.

we can help by recommending and directly introducing your company to the most appropriate and reputable local agents who have the distribution networks in place to sell your products. Business negotiations follow with realistic terms resulting for primary, secondary and sometimes even tertiary distributors. (Our clients have found this useful as it also often aids the usual end-of-quarter problems).

Shipping, warehousing and localization then follow with the aid of proper marketing before distribution is made to the local agents. Performing and supplying the localization works best when done in Asia to appeal to the local markets and conditions in their language; our staff are masters at generating the most appealing sales collateral, additional web spur pages to your corporate site, while Hong Kong handles the language, cultural and printing tasks

Working with your headquarters personnel, we can coordinate your important product lifecycle milestones and events into the local annual marketing calendar and make the most of every promotional dollar allocated within your budget.

聯絡人: Salman Khan
聯絡電話: +86-13049874210
電子郵件: deshmukhsalmankhan@yahoo.com
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