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NUR Restaurant

HKD$ 1,400 每小時租金

The word NUR comes from my name and means light in Arabic. It’s the feeling that resonates in our food. It’s what we want our guests to experience when they eat here.

What is nourishing gastronomy? It’s the art of gastronomy, everything from selecting ingredients to eating, married with a respect for nutrition. Too often chefs do not know about nutrition, but we firmly believe a modern gastronomic experience should be not just tasty, but nourishing to our bodies. And that food, true to NUR’s philosophy, will be sourced locally and responsibly as far as we can.

NUR is here to deliver nourishing gastronomy to Hong Kong. It is the mission of our kitchen, and it is my life’s work.

聯絡人: Chevonne
聯絡電話: 2850 6826 
電子郵件: chevonne@privegroup.hk
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