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The Butchers Club Burger (Wanchai) - Open Kitchen's Food
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The Butchers Club Burger (Wanchai) - Open Kitchen's Food

HKD$ 200 假日租金

Credit: The Butchers Club

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Finding the ultimate burger was a never-ending search for the food-lovers of Hong Kong. Until The Butchers Club Burger (Wanchai) opened on Wan Chai’s Landale Street in May 2014. Not only are our juicy bacon cheeseburgers made using our signature dry-aged Black Angus beef from Australia, but the patties are also minced to order in front of the customer, before being thrown back to the kitchen a grilled to a perfect medium, remaining nice and pink in the centre. 

The concept came about through The Butchers Club’s desire to practise nose-to-tail butchery. After the primary cuts of beef have been used for the brand’s signature dry-aged steaks, gorgeous secondary cuts of rump, chuck and brisket are first dry-aged and then ground in the restaurant and sprinkled with our secret seasoning blend.

The Butchers Club launched in April 2013 in Tin Wan, Aberdeen as a butcher’s shop, a private dining room and a space for cooking classes. It’s the masterpiece of a group of passionate chefs and butchers who together have created a truly unique concept based around high quality dry-aged beef.

Our beef is sourced from one of three different suppliers sourced from the USA and Australia. Each farm raises their cattle to different specifications, resulting in very different flavour profiles. The Butchers Club then dry-ages each cut of beef for different time periods to highlight the unique flavours of each steak.

The brand now consists of The Butchers Club, The Butchers Club Deli, The Butchers Club Burger (three locations in Hong Kong, one in Singapore and one in Bali), Steak Frites by The Butchers Club, The Butchers Club Showroom, Butchers Barrel and The Butchers Club Caters. Plans for further expansion, both at home and abroad are in motion.

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