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Wooloomooloo Prime (CWB) - Tipsy Tapas
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Wooloomooloo Prime (CWB) - Tipsy Tapas

HKD$ 600 每日租金

Credit: HK Tatler

Perched on the 27th and the 28th floor of the brand new Soundwill Plaza II Midtown, Wooloomooloo Prime in Causeway Bay is the latest branch of this premium Australian steakhouse. Given its prime position and lofty location, it naturally boasts sweeping vistas of the harbour through the floor-to-ceiling windows; in fact, despite having experienced plenty of harbour views around the city, we were still rather impressed by the wonderful sight that greeted us on arrival. The 16,000-square-feet space is comprised of dining areas and terraces on both floors and a lounge on the lower floor. With its dark wooden interiors, red patent leather chairs, dim lighting, and an open kitchen, the restaurant exudes a cosy and laid-back vibe in a modern yet elegant setting.

The second branch of our premium concept, Wooloomooloo Prime, is a duplex restaurant comprising 16,000 sq. ft. of wining and dining space. Both floors feature a terrace that offers you a serene area to take in the spectacular panorama of Victoria Harbor from a sky level.

The restaurant serves the mouth-watering 150-day Australian Black Angus as its signature beef while other selected cuts ranging from a 12oz USDA prime beef to a generous 40oz Australian Tomahawk steak are also available. To complement the elevated menu, Wooloomooloo Prime (CWB) is the first restaurant in Hong Kong to introduce a premium Penfolds wine selection offering you some of the most iconic wines from the famed Penfolds winery.

The dark wooden interior infused the dining room with a trance of elegance that contrasts well with the bright red patent-leather chairs. These elements alongside the impressive wine display at the entrance and dimmed lighting create an intimate atmosphere for you to immerse in the exquisite Wooloomooment for one to be remembered.

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