About ECrent

About ECrent

Established in 2013, ECrent is the world’s largest and most extensive global online rental platform. We encourage people to share through renting for a sustainable future. Each month, ECrent receives more than 100 million page views from users in 180+ countries.

Problem We Face Today

Over-consumption is a key problem in the modern world. We produce consumer products and always encourage to buy.

On the other hand, internet has facilitated worldwide purchasing which has further led to over-production and over-consumption. Products are bought in large quantities and replaced by newer models in short time. But most of these products are still function and can be recycled.

In fact many of the items such as handbags, electrical and electronic equipment, music instruments, etc are still in perfect working order when they are being disposed. Many of these items are not biodegradable and even harmful to the environment. We are polluting our Mother Earth.

This over-consumption is not sustainable unless we change our consumption pattern.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations call for sustainable development and ECrent is committed to implementation to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ecrent aims to bring about a consumption revolution to change human consumption pattern from buy-and-own to rent-and-share. Our goal is to make consumption more sustainable and accelerate the adoption of green economy.

Sharing by rent

Ecrent encourages the owners of assets to share them with others. We build the platform enables those who have to share their idle assets with those who don’t have and this helps reduce inequality.

Our focus also on the big-ticket items that the poor cannot afford to buy are now available for rental at a fraction of the cost. i.e. Car, Jewellery and Robot… etc.

Ecrent also promotes green entrepreneurship and encourages people to start their own renting businesses regardless of their status, genders or abilities.  With the ecrent.com platform, anyone can start their own rental businesses working from home. This contributes to employment and sustainable economic growth.

ECrent supports the United Nations’ Public Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative and welcomes participation and partnership from Governments and public organisations around the world.

Embracing Sharing Economy Worldwide

Ecrent embraces the  [Sharing Economy](http://www.ecrent.com/sharingeconomy/)  concept and encourages online peer-to-peer sharing and waste reduction worldwide. Collaborative consumption maximize the use of the earth’s resources and reduces carbon footprint. Through Ecrent.com, people and entities can share easily around the world, building stronger communities and global harmony.

Why ECrent?

Save Money Rent instead of Buy

* ECrent provides a platform for people to rent instead of buying frivolously.
* Through our platform, renters can contact owners directly
* not only save money by renting, but also also protect the environment.

Go Green and Make Money

* When you have something not often in use, but not willing to dispose it, you can now simply place them up on ECrent.com to make some extra income.
* Help to cut down the number of wastage and protect our environment.

Try before Buy

* If you are not sure a product which is suitable for you? Now you can try out a product before actually buy it .
* Just spend a limited amount of rental fee, you can try out any item before you make the decision to own it.

Media Contact

Company Name: EC Advertising Limited
Contact Person: Stephen Fan
Email: stephen.fan@seii.com
Country: HongKong
Website: ecrent.com

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