How to Rent?



What kind of items can I put up for rent?

  • Anything that you own that’s suitable for renting under the ECrent categories however
  • items must be legal.

How do I put my items up for rent?

  • Click the “Post Item” button and enter the details.
  • Renters will contact you directly when they are interested to rent your items.

How do I protect my item while renting?

  • When you rent your item, you should sign a rental agreement with the renter and collect the deposit along with the rent up front.
  • A sample agreement is provided by ECrent.

What is deposit?

  • Deposit is the amount that you require the renter to place with you as a security for the item rented.
  • If the item is damaged or lost, you can deduct from the deposit to cover the damage or loss in accordance with your agreement with the renter.
  • It is important to charge a cash amount that adequately covers the cost of your item.

What happens if my item is returned broken or not returned at all?

  • According to rental contract, signed by both parties, owner has the right to withhold the deposit until the rent is paid and items returned in good order.
  • Please refer to the ‘rental agreement’ provided by ECrent.

How do I upload images for my item?

  • Take a picture of your item and select the file under upload picture.
  • Uploaded image should be less than MB. If the picture does not appear, you may try to refresh the browser and post the item again, or submit the item without an image, then resubmit the image through ‘edit’.

How do I amend or remove posted item?

  • Login your ECrent account first, then
  • find your item(s) in User Center and
  • click ‘edit’ button to amend the item or
  • click ‘delete’ button to remove the item.

Why did my post not show up on ECrent?

  • ECrent staff may have removed post due to violations of ECrent posting rules or your item(s) is/are expired.


How do I rent the item(s)?

  • Just click on the item and click the ‘Contact Owner’ button and
  • you can find the owner’s contact information and contact the owner directly.
  • A sample rental agreement is provided by ECrent.


Are there any fees for using ECrent to rent items?

  • No, it is free to search and contact owners.

How do I know what condition the listed item is in?

  • Uploaded images should best represent the posted item.
  • Renters may choose to arrange to meet up with owner to see and test the item before renting.

The received item is different to the listed item image

  • Renters are responsible to check the item quality before entering into the rental agreement.

Who and how do I pay my rent?

  • Renter can pay the owner in a method and amount agreed with the owner.
  • The owner will usually require upfront cash payment.


I can’t login to ecrent

  • Be sure you are a registered ECrent member, if not, you may sign up at For members, please make sure you are using the correct email address and password

I forgot my password/email to sign in

  • Please click on “reset password”, enter your registered email address; you may reset your password following a link sent to your email

How do I change my password

  • After login your account, you may change your password or profile in ‘Advance Profile’ under User Center.

Sample Rental Agreements:



The suggested terms of the template form of agreements and documents offered in this website are for the reference of the Owner and the Renter only. The terms are not meant to be applicable or exhaustive in all cases. The Owner and the Renter shall consider the terms and their applicability in their own particular circumstances in accordance to which adoptions, additions and revisions shall be made. In case of any doubt, professional advice shall be sought. Continued use of this website by viewers constitute acceptance of the above.

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