Make Money at No Cost

Make Money Renting

Make Money Renting

There are many ways to make money but one of the easiest ways to make money is through renting.   

Renting the assets that you already own doesn’t cost you anything and the rental is just pure income for you.  And assets don’t have to be limited to big stuff like properties, cars and boats.  Many things big and small that you own can be rented so that you can many money off them.   And believe me, we all have a lot of assets lying around. You can rent gadgets like your camera, printer, old computer or TV that you are not using but others may find them quite useful.  You can also rent your furniture like your sofa bed or your chairs which may just be what your neighbors who are having visitors are needing to rent.  For the ladies of the house, you may have a breadmaker , a mixer or an air-fryer sitting in your kitchen cabinet that others are just looking to rent for a special party.  And for the sports enthusiasts, renting out your skis, fishing rod, wakeboard or canoe may just make enough money for your next vacation.  So look around in your house and see what you can rent out right away to make money  and just list them on ecrent.        

For those with little assets and for the entrepreneurs, you can also make money with the assets that you don’t yet own.  If you can spot a trend and identify some hit items that people may be interested in renting, you can just put it up for rent first by capturing some photos online and then put it up for rent first.  If someone is interested in renting and they contact you, you can just buy it right away and rent it out and the rental you collect may be enough to cover the cost if you can buy it at a discount and rent it out a few times.  For example, you are looking at treadmills and they cost around $1000 in the market, you find a used one at a discount on ebay for say $400, someone is interested in renting and would pay you $300 to rent for 3 months, you buy the treadmill from ebay and deliver it to your client and collect $300 and pay $100 for the treadmill, you rent the treadmill again after 3 months to another client for another $300, then you earn $200 after 6 months that’s 100% return plus now you own an asset that you can keep renting out to make money for yourself.

You can rent your assets easily by just listing on ecRent.  It only takes a few minutes to list your items on the rental marketplace and then you can wait for people to contact you to rent your items .  So list your items now on ecRent, and just sit back, relax and collect your money!

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