Keeping Fit and Healthy in Quarantine

Being stuck in a small room for 3 weeks is no joke!    So it’s important to be prepared.  Most people would skip travelling altogether to avoid the quarantine but if you knew about these things, it may not be so bad.  

First, you don’t need to just eat what the hotels gives you.  You can order take-out and they will be delivered to your room.  There are so many restaurants that do take-outs now so you have many choices.  You can also order groceries from the supermarket and have them delivered to you.  So order your own fruits and vegetables to make sure that you get all the vitamins you need.  Apples, cherries, grapes, oranges, peaches, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, celery, lettuce are all easy to wash and eat.  And order lots of bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

Second, it’s important you move around and get some exercises everyday otherwise you will start losing your cardio fitness and muscle strength after long period of inactivity.  You may also put on weight around the waist and get constipated if you sit all day!  Exercises also help you sleep better.  But how do you exercise in such a small space?  It’s a good idea to bring a yoga mat with you so you can do some floor exercises.  There are many online yoga and fitness classes that you can take and if you have a good tv in your room, you can just follow the exercises in front of your tv.

For those who want more than just jumping in front of your tv, you can try renting your own exercise machines. Treadmills are great for walking within the small space of your room but you need to find the right type.  There’s a type of treadmill with no handle that you can just stick under the bed to save space.  The vertical folding type treadmill is also convenient if there’s a little space in your room for it.  The horizontal foldable treadmill is another great option if space is a problem.  It can be folded into a small shape so you can even take it home with you afterwards.  Renting a treadmill is perfect for quarantine because you only need it for a short duration and it’s delivered right to your room where you need it.  Exercise bike is another option to consider renting.  There is a box type exercise bike that’s slimmer than your suitcase and can fit nicely in the closet or under the desk and there’s also the mini bike which you can even  take home with you afterwards.  You can also rent some dumbells for your weigh training.  With so many rental options, you can keep up with your daily exercise routine without getting bored.

With all these solutions and your computer, you can breeze through your quarantine in good shape!

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