Omicron Escape

Worried of infection by neighbours in your apartment block? Bored staying at home with nowhere to exercise? Scared of lockdowns or being sent to isolation facilities? There’s a way to avoid all these in Hong Kong if you have the money. Just rent a big house with enough rooms and a garden for a few months and stay there with your family so you don’t have to worry about being in a lift with infected neighbours or being locked down for compulsory testing etc.

Ecrent offers houses that are available for short term rental. Check out this huge detached house with 6 ensuite bedrooms, huge garden, private gym and heated swimming pool. You can exercise anytime whether its yoga, badminton, boxing, fitness training or just swimming. The bedrooms are very big so you can have enough privacy for multiple zoom meetings and classes for your whole family.

For a smaller budget, you can go for this semi-detached house with a large living area, 3-5 bedrooms and large terraces so you can exercise however you like.

Both available for short term rental so you can just rent for 3-6 months to escape from all the worries and hassles of Omicron!   Visit or whatsapp 57175475 for more info.

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